LTE430WQ – F 07 PDF

14 products offers 14 ltewq-f07 products. LTEWQ-F07 LCD screen display panel with Touch Screen. US $ / Piece. 1 Piece (Min. China Ltewq-f07, Ltewq-f07 from China Supplier – Find Variety Ltewq- f07 from, Suppliers Located in China, Buy Ltewq-f07 Made in China on. ISSUE DATA: MODEL: LTEWQ-F07 Note: The Product and specifications are subject to change without any notice. Please ask for the latest.

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The Product and specifications are subject to change without any notice.

LTE430WQ-F07 Datasheet PDF

Please ask for the latest Product Standards to guarantee the satisfaction of your product requirements. Absolute Maximu m Ratings 4 6 1. Ote430wq Characteristics 8 12 3. Block Diagram 14 4.

Input Terminal Pin Assignment 5. The resolution of a 4.

Note Current IB – 25 mA 1 Note 1 Permanent damage to the device may occur if maximum values lte430qw exceeded or reverse voltage is loaded. Functional operation should be restricted to the conditions described under normal operating conditions.


Optical Characteristics The following items are measured under stable conditions.

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The optical characteristics should be measured in a dark room or equivalent state with the methods shown in Note 1. Measurement should be executed in a stable, windless, and dark room.

This should be measured in the center of screen. Luminance with all pixels black Note 3 Definition of Luminance of White: Luminance of white at the center point 3 Note 4 Definition of Response time: Unit Logic supply voltage VDD 2. Power Dissipation check pattern a White Pattern Doc. Let430wq timing Signal Symbol Min. Horizontal timing Horizontal Doc. Packing 2 4 1 6 30 Note 1 Total: TBD Kg 2 Size: Affix the label 6 Seal the packing-box. Be careful not to twist and bend the module.

In addition to damage, this may lte30wq improper operation or damage to the module and back-light unit. Do not press or scratch the surface harder than a HB pencil lead.


If you leave the droplets for a long time, Staining and discoloration may occur. Do not use Ketone type materials ex.

AcetoneEthyl alcohol, Toluene, Ethyl acid or Methyl chloride. It might permanent damage to the polarizer due to chemical reaction.

In case of contact with hands, legs or clothes, it must be washed away thoroughly with soap. It is prohibited to apply sunlight or fluorescent light during the store.


Sufficient suppression to the electromagnetic interference shall be done by system manufacturers. Grounding and shielding methods may be important to minimize the interference.

It may result in improper operation or disconnection lte30wq electrode. New Product View Product Index.