The Reformed Doctrine Of Predestination [Loraine Boettner D.D.] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Reformed doctrine of. The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination has ratings and 50 reviews. Adam said: Believe it or not this book was very exciting to read. Yes, it had S. The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination by Loraine Boettner (26 Free MP3s [ Free Audio Book], Free Online Text, Free PDF, etc.) Scroll down for many free.

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Advanced Search Search Tips. Posted on March 11, The Puritan Hard Drive is “truly a technological marvel! It is an invaluable resource. Fernandez, Film Producer, “IndoctriNation: I simply had to leave it there.

The Puritan Hard Drive is fantastic! What a gift to Christ’s church! I love my Puritan Hard Predeshination You will be floored by this product. The Decree of God by Dr. Arminianism, Open Theism and Reformed Theology: The material I’ve read so far has literally changed my life.

My heart burned within me as I discovered truths from hundreds of years ago. Assurance of Faith by Dr. lorain

Reformed Doctrine of Predestination

Joel Beeke, John Owen, et al. Free Reformation Resources Defending Calvinism. Is the Reformation Over? Having predestinated us unto the adoption of children by Jesus Christ to himself, according to the good pleasure of his will. What shall we say then? Is there unrighteousness with God? May our Lord get all the glory for the great things He has done! With God, the knowledge of things that shall come to pass must follow the decree thereof; for things must first be decreed, and then boethner in that being which they have in the decree; in this sense prescience tthe predestination.

God hath not an imperfect but a thorough foreknowledge of all future things; the means and the end; not only as they may be, but also lroaine they shall be, by His Divine determination.

Prescience, or fore-knowledge, is taken for God’s love ths eternity. So it is predestination itself; and to grant an eternal prescience without an eternal predestination, is to break the links of that golden chain in Rom.

Some grant a predestination eternal to the elect only, but to the non-elect only a prescience or naked foresight without any pre-ordinationlest they should make God the author of the creature’s sin and ruin.

Nothing like it has ever been available before! With the click of a button, you can easily do ten hours worth of research in just seconds!

Imagine not only owning the largest Puritan and Reformed library, but having a full-time team of world-class research assistants at your beck and call. It is almost as if God is saying, ‘Here is a tool that will lead you to more truth faster than ever before. Make ths best possible use of boettndr and bring much glory to My Name. The Puritan Hard Drive is a tremendous blessing.

I don’t believe there has been a more valuable extra-biblical resource and tool than the Puritan Hard Drive. Anyone who admires the Puritans simply must have the Puritan Hard Drive. Possibly the greatest need is sound Christian literature. Even though many Third World pastors read English, they have very few good books available to them.


Even if we could afford to buy each indigenous minister a small library, the cost of shipping would be astronomical. With the Puritan Hard Drive we can provide pastors throughout the globe with one of the most complete Puritan and Reformed libraries at a fraction of the cost. How shall we know that God has a purpose to save us?

By being effectually called. We make our election sure, by making our calling sure. By the stream, we come at last to the fountain. If we find the stream of sanctification running in our souls, we may by this come to the spring-head of election.

When a man cannot look up to the firmament, yet he may know the moon is there by seeing it shine upon the water: Whosoever finds the Word of God transcribed and copied out into his heart, may undeniably conclude his election. Francis Turretinon predestinationwrites.

It predestination – ed. It cannot be ignored without great injury to the church and to believers. For it is the fountain of our gratitude to God, the root of humility, the foundation and most firm anchor of confidence in all temptations, the fulcrum of the sweetest consolation and the most powerful spur incitamentum to piety and holiness. Although wicked men often abuse this doctrine improperly understoodits lawful use towards the pious ought not therefore to be denied unless we wish to have more regard for wicked men than believers.

Why then should we refrain from its presentation? Let us only follow in the footsteps of Paul and, with him, speak and be silent. If some abuse this doctrine either to licentiousness or to desperation, this happens not per se from the doctrine itself, but accidentally, from the vice of men who most wickedly wrest it to their own destruction. Indeed there is no doctrine from which more powerful incitements to piety can be drawn and richer streams of confidence and consolation flow as will be seen in the proper place.

The mystery of predestination is too sublime to be comprehended by us as to the why to diod as he is rash who would attempt to find out or to assign the reasons and the causes of it. But this does not hinder it from being taught in Scripture as to the fact to hoti and from being firmly held by us.

Two things therefore must be distinguished here: The former we cannot despise unless rashly. To neglect things revealed argues ingratitude, but to search into things concealed argues pride. Not that we should curiously unroll “the book of life” in order to see if our names are written therein which is forbidden to usbut that we should diligently consult “the book of conscience” which we are not only permitted, but also commanded to do, that we may know whether the seal of God is stamped upon our hearts and whether the fruits of election viz.

In one word, all curious and fruitless questions must be avoided here, and what Paul calls ‘foolish and unlearned questions’ apaideutous zetesis kai aperantous2 Tim. Our only object should be to increase our faith, not to feed curiosity; to labor for edification, not to strive for our glory.

Since the contents of the divine counsel of God have not been revealed to us in their entirely, that makes life more difficult. And it makes life more interesting. It would be great to know what tomorrow brings.

  440G T27134 PDF

It would be nice to know that your interview will go well, you will get the job, and one day own the company as a result.

But who knows what will happen. We do know some basics. But we do not have a moment-by-moment playbook that explains everything that will go on in our lives. Instead of relying on the divine counsel for our daily direction, we rely on the affect of God’s decree that centers on the revealed Word of God. Man is obliged to read, study and know the Word of God because in it lie the principles of Christian obedience and sanctification.

Christians have no right to say, “Well, if God decrees that I will get the job then it will just happen. Instead, Christians should say, “His word says For example, His word says in 2 Thessalonians 3: Stop saying, “If God wants me to pay my bills, then He will provide. Stop kidding yourself on that point in whatever situation you apply this basic principle. God is not going to deliver you from debt if you do not work. He is not going to evangelize Harry if you do not go next door and witness to him.

He is not going to sanctify your soul if you do not pray or read the Word. He is not going to deliver you from drunkenness if you keep going back to the bar. The decrees of God, though they are true, cannot be the rule and guide for the life of the Christian simply because of the fact that their contents are not revealed to us.

God’s will for His people is revealed in the Word of God.

The Reformed Doctrine Of Predestination: Loraine Boettner D.D.: : Books

If you want to know “God’s will for you life” then go read the Bible, and know it inside out and backwards. Apply biblical principles to daily life and God will richly reward you as He providentially guides your steps. But stop thinking that He is going to appease your laziness docttine life by “zapping” you by some magical decree.

Thirdly, God’s decrees include the means as well as the ends. God’s subordinate ends in general are accomplished by means. Harry is not going to be saved because God simply “zaps” him. No, God uses various predestlnation to accomplish an end. He will use a preacher, the Bible, and yes, you as a next-door neighbor. Prwdestination you know Harry will be saved?

No, you have no idea. Maybe he will, maybe he will not. But the contents of God’s decreed will do not override your obligation to go over there and witness to him because the decree is not revealed to you.

Maybe you have a sickly wife. She is in the hospital. Will you pray for her? If God already knows the answer, why pray?