Schmunk told The Bee that the baby’s autopsy report does not filed a motion to unseal the Laci and Conner Peterson autopsy reports. Laci Peterson’s autopsy photographs were displayed to jurors Wednesday, while photos of her fetus were shown Thursday. Her family has not. Sep 17, (AP) — Autopsy photos of the fetus Laci Peterson had been carrying before her death brought her husband, Scott, to tears and drew gasps from.

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Laci Peterson’s head and parts of her limbs were missing and xutopsy tape was wrapped around the neck of her child, according to the full autopsy and coroner’s photographs exclusively seen by ABCNEWS. According to the autopsy, the skin of the child was not decomposed at all, though the right side of autlpsy body was mutilated, and the placenta and umbilical cord were not found with the body.

The autopsy said that the cause lai Laci Peterson’s death was undetermined, and there was no evidence of autopssy wounds, peterosn the fact that her head and all or part of her limbs were peterrson.

Peterson’s body was so badly decomposed it barely looked like a body after it was found in San Francisco Bay last month. However, the autopsy report showed her cervix was intact. Experts are divided over whether the new revelations about the condition of Laci Peterson’s body and that of her child will help prosecutors or attorney’s representing Laci’s husband, Scott, who has been charged in the case.

On Thursday, sources close to the investigation told ABCNEWS the sealed autopsy report indicated a piece of nylon tape was looped around the child’s neck when it washed ashore last month, and that there was a laceration or tear on the tiny body. There also was tape on Laci Peterson’s lower reporg, outside her clothing, when her body was found April 14, a day after her baby’s remains were recovered, the sources said.

Michael Baden told Good Morning America that the limbs and head were probably repodt before Laci was put in the water. Baden, the former chief pathologist for New York City, said it could not be determined from the autopsy how the baby came out of Laci’s body.

He said the atuopsy on Laci’s body and a cement bag that was found washed up on the shore near the baby could be important evidence. Legal experts say that the autopsy leaks, along with recent statements from Scott Peterson’s lawyers including one that Laci might have been killed by a satanic cult, could be part of a strategy by the defense to create doubts in the minds of prospective jurors even before the case goes to trial. As for the autopsy report itself, it does not have to indicate a cause of death to be a strong piece of evidence in a murder trial, even if it is only one more piece of circumstantial evidence.


However, because the autopsy does not say how Laci Peterson died, the prosecution will still have some work to do to make their case, he said.

petefson The grisly new details could fuel speculation as to whether the baby ever autopsj outside the womb, which defense attorneys could use to undermine the prosecution’s case against Scott Peterson, Laci’s husband and the father of the child they had planned to name Conner.

The prosecutors handling the case said Thursday that since the autopsy was starting to be leaked to the media, the whole report should be released. They filed a motion late Thursday to unseal the autopsy. Kim Petersen, a spokeswoman for Laci Peterson’s family, said on Thursday that the family would trust the prosecutors’ judgement about whether the full reports should be unsealed, but they were horrified by the leaks of details from the autopsy reports.

However, Superior Court Judge Al Girolami ruled tonight that both autopsy reports should remain sealed and said releasing the information could prejudice public opinion before the trial. The judge also indicated that he may issue a gag order preventing both sides from speaking to the media. While the defense and prosecution dispute what the latest revelations might mean, experts also appear divided. Robert Goldberg, a forensic pathologist in Marietta, Ga. What evidence is there that Scott Peterson did these things?

Laci Peterson, 27, of Modesto, Calif. Scott Peterson, 30, was arrested April 18 and is being held without bail on two counts of murder.

He could face the death penalty if convicted. Scott Peterson has acknowledged he was having an affair with a massage therapist, but he insists he never hurt his wife or the baby.

Autopsy: Laci Peterson’s Head Was Missing

His attorneys have suggested the pregnant woman may have been kidnapped and killed by a satanic cult. If there was evidence that the baby might have been born, that could be used to support the theory. But investigators do not believe Laci was killed by a satanic cult, or that her ;eterson ever lived on its own. However, a defense source maintained the tape was tied around the baby’s neck, the cut on the body appeared to autoppsy been made intentionally and the condition of the child was not consistent with a so-called coffin birth, in which autoosy fetus is expelled from the body of a woman who died while pregnant.

Defense Pfterson Legal experts say that the autopsy leaks, along with recent statements from Scott Peterson’s lawyers including one that Laci might have been killed by a satanic cult, could be part of a strategy by the defense to create doubts in the minds of prospective jurors even before the case goes to trial.


Unanswered Questions While the defense and prosecution dispute what the latest revelations might mean, experts also appear divided. Laci Peterson’s Head Was Missing.

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