: Kimbiza Santo Cristo: Return of the Holy Grail, Knights Templar, and Grand Dragon () by Markus Rodrique De. Upon reading “Kimbiza Santo Cristo: Return of the Holy Grail, Knights Templar and Grand Dragon,” by. Markus Rodrique De Richmond, it is. Stephen J. Ash is the author of Kimbiza Santo Cristo ( avg rating, 2 ratings, 0 reviews, published ), The Black Knights ( avg rating, 2 ratin.

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It is the instrument of Liberty or Free Will. They intend to kill over half the people of the planet. Have you seen the gates? Have you bow down to your highness?


Magna Carta, Holy Grail received nods in almost every rap category. It was reported that he was also involved in witchcraft. After WWII, the Korean people were exuberant in August with their new freedom after being subjected to a brutal year Japanese occupation of their historically kmbiza Peninsula. At the February Yalta conference, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt suggested to Josef Stalin of Russia, without consulting the Koreans, that Korea should be placed under joint trusteeship following the war before being granted her independence.

Samsung is a collaborative creature of Korean and U. Marcus WallenbergGrandson of Dr. Marcus Wallenberg – prominent member of the Trilateral Commission.

One was Enskilda Bank owned by the Wallenberg Family. Foreign Economic Administration FEAto the Departments of State and Treasury on May 5 and 17proposing an kimgiza program to track down and block German assets in neutral and nonbelligerent countries throughout Europe and the Americas. Among this elite group of secret Nazi industrialists at Strasbourg planning the Rise of the Fourth Reich from the underground was the Wallenberg Family.

This man was instructed in the way of the Lord; and being fervent in the spirit, he spake and taught diligently the things of the Lord, knowing only the baptism of John. The headquarters of the Alliance are located in Switzerland. Leonardo da Vinci and Sir Isaac Newton. Notwithstanding that, the famous founder of the Knights Templars, Hughes de Payenshas been accused by the Vatican of being a Johannite.

This Order is exclusive to Sweden and Seraphim is Hebrew for a class of angels the highest one. Marcus Wallenberg was also publicly identified as a Knight of the Order of Seraphim.

On February 23,Frederick I instituted the three Swedish royal kimbuza of the Seraphimof the Sword, and of the North Starthe three principal Swedish orders of chivalry. The Order of Seraphim court of arms has three crowns and four Crosses of Lorraine.

The North Star is actually a triple star system. I am Re, who himself protects himself, and kimbisa can harm me. The earliest usages of the term, Seraphimrefer to serpent demons.

Lucifer is often identified as one of the Seraphim.

S eth the old God Set was adopted again by foreign invaders and interlopers [Hyksos] that re-imaged him into a character of Sethian Gnosticism that represented a savior figure and third spiritual son of Adam, founder of the Gnostic Bloodline Race Johannites. The leader of the school was John the Baptist and after his execution, his supporters formed secret societies and alliances, and among those were Simon MagusApollos of Alexandria[44] PhilipDositheos, Matthias and Jesus.

Early Knights Templar confessions in the 14th Century led to the legend that the severed head of the St. In attempt to escape her pursuer, Diana kimibza Goddess Artemis ] transforms Arethusa into a stream [ or a well ].

kimbiza santo cristo | In Search of Black Assassins

She was equated with the Greek Goddess Artemis though she had an independent origin in Italy. Arethusa is not a nymph, but a Nereid — female spirit of sea watersthe daughter of Nereus. John the Baptist] and the rose [Knights Templar] are one. Elliot From an engraved window at Salisbury Cathedral, England [53].


Elias was born in West Dereham in Norfolk. Hubert was an important fundraiser of Third Crusade and King Richard. Hubert was appointed to the Archbishopric of Canterbury inand a Papal Legatcy in Only thirteen copies of the document were ever produced, seven from Runingmede and six a few weeks later from Oxford.

Elias of Dereham is known to have delivered ten of these, four from Sanyo and all from Oxford. Cridto, Elias designed Salisbury cathedral that was a specific distance in alignment with other major landscape features, including Druid scared sites Old SarumStonehenge ; and the old Roman Fortress Clarendon that was built on a Iron Age mound or structure.

Elias of Dereham secretly incorporated St. It is a heraldic cross, used by the Dukes of Lorraine previously known as the Dukes of Anjou. The Lorraine cross was carried to the Crusades by the original Knights Templar, granted to them for their use by the Patriarch of Jerusalem. Hermetic alchemists of the Renaissance used the emblem as a symbol of earth and spirit crisfo combining the square earth cross with the cross of Christ.

It is safe to assume that the Salisbury Cathedral is a direct product and influence of the Druidsand the Baphometic Knights Templar. In the epic tradition, Eurynome was one of the elder Oceanides [ Nereid — female spirit of sea waters ] that is, another daughter of Titans, Oceanus and Tethys.

Polycrates had been a devotee to God Apollo of Delos and of Delphi. The Roman historian, Plutarch c. In Croton, he established a school of followers- a select brotherhood or club for the purpose of pursuing the religious, ascetic practices, arcane, scientific and medical knowledge taken out of Kemet by the understanding of their master, Pythagoras.

The esoteric teachings may have concerned science and mathematics, or the secret religious doctrines and usages which were undoubtedly prominent in the Pythagorean system that had been connected with the worship of Apollo [70] Kemetic Horus. Jesus Christ and kimbisa Buddha prepared us for it in an outstanding way; Francis Bacon …and the Rosicrucian Brotherhood have inaugurated it … All have used Arcadian imagerythe meaning of which pierces deep, right to the heart of all mysteries.

It shows three shepherds searching a tomb for santk to either Knights Templar sacred knowledge or treasure hidden in Arcadia. The sacred river Alpheuswhich flows from Arcadia to the underworld, represents a demonic bloodline. This stream is usually equated with the river Alpheus — -the central river in the actual geographical Arcadia in Greecewhich flows underground and is said to surface again at the Fountain of Arethusa in Sicily….

In Greek Mythology, Pan is the principal god of Arcadia. He is the god of the wild, shepherds and flocks, nature of mountain wilds, hunting and rustic music, and companion of the nymphs.

He has the hindquarters, legs, and horns of a goat, in the same manner as a faun or satyr. With his homeland in rustic Arcadiahe is recognized as the god of fields, groves, and wooded glens. Saturn or Satan means adversary but also intelligence. Therefore, it is Intelligences which will test the spirit to see whether is good. Pan therefore actually represents our path to enlightenment. The above Sqnto Diptych: King Edward of Englandthe Confessor between and — January 4 or 5 holds the ring which he is supposed to have given to a pilgrim who turned out to be Saint John the Evangelist Baptist.

Richard was particularly devoted to Edward and prayed at his shrine in times of crisis. Phenecydes was a 6th Century BC pre-Socratic philosopher and author from the island of Syros- Greek island in the Cyclades of the Aegean Sea, that some believed to have been zanto teacher and mentor of Pythagoras.

Arethusa the Nereid — female spirit of sea waters had eluded the Greeks aanto she crisgo them with the Nile River Valley Mysteries and Splendors.


Among the many imitators, imposers and interlopers of the Mysteries of Kemet was an ancient group called the Society of Ormus. The philosophical legacy that he carried was preserved and latter allegedly passed to the Knights Templar: The kikbiza of Ormus, up to AD, were the only trustees of the ancient doctrine of Egyptpurified, of course, by Christianity and the teachings of Solomon.

These doctrines they communicated to the Templars. Both orders are related to the Knights Templar through their use of the Red Cross as their emblem. However, proof and evidence of the Society of Ormus remains elusive, and maybe another possible false lead. This is corroborated with a stele discovered at Megiddo.

A hab was the seventh king of the northern kingdom of Israel reigning from to bc. Israel was a key ally of Osorkon. Under the power shifting alliance of Meshwesh Dynastythe House of Omri also setup marriageable alliances with the old orders of the land, the ancient Canaanites Sidonians — Tyrrhenians.

The Canaanites and the people of Kemet were first cousins of great antiquity. Queen Jezebel has a winged sun — a symbol associated with Kemetic divinity, royalty ccristo power. It also has the classic falcon Horus bordered by two cobras uraeus another extremely important symbol of Kemetic royalty. The falcon sits atop of a lotus symbol- water lily, an klmbiza death and resurrection symbol of God Osiris. The Habiru were the nomadic or semi-nomadic invaders, rebels, outlaws, raiders, and mercenaries that had plagued the peace and sanfo of the region, outposts and trade routes of Kemet for generations.

This is an odd ivory plague found at the ivory palace plainly illustrates that King Ahab had indeed been initiated secretly into a Kemetic Mystery School. Many of the artistic designs are Egyptian, and some of the symbolism involves the uraeus, sometimes winged.

A representation of the divine child Horus was there with erect uraei in his crown. Uraei crowned with solar disks came to light, and a representation of a human brow was uncovered donned with a standing uraeus. As in Egypturaei are erected on the top of a wall, a door, or a piece of furniture.

Kimbiza Santo Cristo by Stephen J Ash | Angus & Robertson | Books –

A uraeus with one wing raised and one lowered was standing on a papyrus blossom. The winged serpents Seraphim are Kemetic symbols of sacral and regal sovereignty. It is associated with God Osiris. It is commonly understood to represent his spine protected by Goddesses Isis and Nephtys. The teachings of Pythagoras indicate that he was thoroughly conversant with the precepts of New World Oriental and Occidental esotericism out of Kemet developed by King Solomon and the Samarian House of Omri He traveled among the Jews and was instructed by asnto Rabbis concerning the secret traditions of Moses out of Kemetthe lawgiver of Israel.

It became another steady secret stream of sacred knowledge out of Kemet led by one of its born Tyrrhenian partners, Pythagoras. Before he went into KemetPythagoras ,imbiza to Sidonwhere he was xanto into the mysteries of Tyre and Byblos.

Basically, the House of Plantagenet can generally be identified as four distinct Royal Houses: AngevinsPlantagenetLancaster and York. Plantagenet was not a family surname per se. The origin of the name is shrouded in mystery. There she revered as a medium of occult revelation. Crsito true origin of Plantagenet is rather simple, Plant.