A Work Breakdown Structure showing injerto Gingival libre. You can edit this Work Breakdown Structure using Creately diagramming tool and include in your . This is “VESTIBULOPLASTIA CON INJERTO GINGIVAL LIBRE” by Dentared on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who. Download scientific diagram | Injerto gingival Libre del paladar para cerrar por primera intención. from publication: Implante post exodoncia combinado con.

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Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Synthesis of Graft Copolymers by Small Doses of Irradiation; Synthese des copolymeres greffes au moyen de petites doses de rayonnements; Sintez privitykh sopolimerov s pomoshch’yu malykh doz oblucheniya; Sintesis de copolimeros de injerto mediante pequenas dosis de radiacion. In addition to grafting, there is often an undesirable alteration in the properties of the original polymer when polymer monomer mixtures are irradiated.

As a result of irradiation, lubre occurs not only on the original polymeric backbone, but also on the already grafted side-chains. The result is an acceleration of grafting. The effect is especially pronounced in the case of preformed polymers, if irradiation is carried out intermittently.

The grafting of styrene can be accelerated by the addition of some solvents which suppress the protective effect of the styrene on the polymer. Grafting can be accelerated by other additives. The swelling properties of the irradiated injertk were investigated.

L’irradiation provoque une reaction de greffage, non seulement sur le polymere original, mais aussi sur les chaines laterales deja greffees. Il en resulte une acceleration du processus de greffage. L’effet est particulierement marque dans le cas des polymeres preformes, lorsque l’irradiation est effectuee par intermittence. On peut accelerer le processus de greffage du styrolene en ajoutant certains solvants qui suppriment l’action protectrice du styrolene sur le polymere.

On peut aussi accelerer le processus a l’aide d’autres additifs. Les auteurs ont etudie les proprietes de gonflement des pellicules irradiees. Por lo tanto, quiza ofrezcan interes los elevados grados de injerto obtenidos en nuestros laboratorios con pequenas libbre de radiacion.

La irradiacion no solo provoca una reaccion de injerto en la estructura nijerto original, sino tambien en las cadenas. Patients underwent to surgical resections from cancer and whole thickness burn lesions or avulsion traumata with an extent loss of tissues which shape the upper eyelid, came with a relative frequency to consultation due to corneal exposition and this exposition resulting in ulcerations, scar, and blindness. These patients are very unsatisfied because they can not use of an ocular prosthesis, and something less important, the big aesthetic defect.

Authors present the case of a male patient aged 30 with multiple lesions from explosion of an explosive artifact with ljbre of right upper eyelid and ocular enucleation.

injerto Gingival libre ( Work Breakdown Structure)

A total palpebral reconstruction was performed using a frontal dermal fatty flap with good aesthetic results. El uso de implantes post exodoncia necesita varias condiciones para poder realizarse, entre ellas: Fibroma osificante juvenil trabecular mandibular: The graft extraction method with division in situ was the most used and offered the best possibilities for reconstruction as regards form, volume and flexibility.

Therefore, it is injreto for small and medium defects, injerti of the frontal region and adjacent areas, where contour and symmetry are the two fundamental aspects to be taken into consideration. The method of division in vitro was used to reconstruct large deformities, specially those in which the forehead was not included.

The complications index was low. Injerto libre braquial medial Free medial arm graft. Free medial microvascularized arm grafts have not become very popular for the reconstruction of head and neck defects due to anatomic variations in their vascularization. Our objective was to describe the anatomy and surgical technique and to review the literature on the advantages and disadvantages of free medial arm grafts. We report the case of a patient with squamous cell carcinoma of the left jugal mucosa with same-side lymph node involvement.


The tumor was resected with margins and a functional cervical dissection was performed. The defect was reconstructed using a free medial microvascularized graft from the left arm.

Injerto Gingival Libre

We believe that free medial arm grafts are a safer option for the reconstruction of cervicofacial defects and that they offer. Enfermedad injerto contra huesped: Supervivencia a largo plazo de los injertos grasos Long-term survival with fat grafting. Volume loss in several facial and body areas was treated by means of autologous fatty tissue grafts with lipostructure technique. There were no cases of overcorrection. The above results suggest that autologous fat grafts are the method of choice to restore volume for both cosmetic and reconstructive purposes.

Full Text Available A pesar de que el uso del injerto de grasa ha ganado popularidad, no hay consenso sobre la mejor manera de manejar el tejido adiposo. Los protocolos difieren y los resultados son a menudo variables. El objetivo de este trabajo es caracterizar la supervivencia del injerto renal de los TX realizados un hospital, de dicha ciudad mediante un estudio descriptivo, transversal, correlacional y comparativo de los resultados obtenidos en dos periodos, A: A retrospective study was performed of 56 patients who had specific craniofacial defects which were treated with reconstructive methods with the autogenous bone graft of the anterior maxillar sinus wall in the Maxillofacial Surgery Service at “Saturnino Lora” Provincial Hospital in Santiago de Cuba province from to This type of grafting proved to be safe in the reconstruction of maximum 2 cm long 3 cm wide orbitary floor fractures and of facial configuration defects in such areas as front, nasal pyramide, zigomatic corpus, zigomatic maxillary support, corpus mandibullae, and upper or low orbitary fissure.

The post-operation morbility was minimum as well as the access path that prevents the external acarf and complications like pneumothorax, perforation of dura mater and movement difficulties sometimes present in the traditional donor areas.

Lesiones altas del plexo braquial. Injerto columelar extendido angulado. A method to prevent the cephalic and lateral rotation of the cartilage graft in the nasal tip. The mestizo patient usually has a small nose, with livre base, round nostrils and convex dorsum. The alar cartilages are libde, thin and short, providing a deficient structural support and poor definition of the nasal tip.

Cartilage graft in the nasal tip are very often used to correct this condition, but a commun problem of this procedure is the cephalic or lateral rotation of these grafts. Ginigval used an angulated extended collumalar graft to give collumelar support and elongation.

The angulated extension of the graft provides a better control and.

Full Text Available Objetivo: Necrosis de injerto de tejido conectivo subepitelial asociado a incompetencia labial: Se describe el reporte del caso de una paciente sana con incompetencia labial portadora de un implante librw en la zona de 1. Estas intervenciones son muy cruentas p Frontal ataxia in childhood.

Frontal ataxia may be the result of a unilateral frontal lesion. In this report three cases are presented with ataxia due to right frontal lesions. One case concerns a boy presenting with an unsteady gait and titubation of the trunk, mimicking developmental disequilibrium and with complex partial seizures.

It proved to be caused by a small right-sided cavernoma in the middle frontal gyrus. After surgical intervention the symptoms and the seizures disappeared. Two gingiva cases concern teenage patients presenting with headache after an ENT infection and on physical examination mild dysmetric function of the upper limbs and slight disequilibrium, due to right-sided frontal lobe abscesses.


After neurosurgical and antibiotic therapy the symptoms were relieved. The frontal origin of ataxia should be considered in children presenting with a “cerebellar syndrome”.

Frontal gait disorders consist of a clinical pattern of different gait disorders. The syndrome has been mentioned in the literature under different names. Our patients show signs compatible with the term frontal disequilibrium, a clinical pattern of frontal gait disorder.

This assumes walking lire characterized by loss of control of motor planning, leading to imbalance. Remarkably, frontal ataxia may mimic developmental injjerto as demonstrated in the first case and may be the leading mild symptom in extensive frontal lobe damage as demonstrated by the two other cases.

We suppose that frontal ataxia is the result of a disturbance in the cerebellar- frontal circuitries and an impairment of executive and planning functions of the basal ganglia- frontal lobe circuitry. Full Text Available Sin duda, los productores saben de la influencia lunar y sobre el movimiento de la savia en las plantas en determinados momentos, debido a librd conocimientos ancestrales y experiencias adquiridas.

Dental Forum, Online Dental Education – Case Details: Root coverage

El objetivo principal del estudio fue comparar los efectos de las fases lunares en el prendimiento de dos tipos de injertos en cacao. Summary There is no doubt the producers know of the moon influence and the sap movement in plants at certain moments, due to the ancestral knowledge and experiences gained. However, in relation to the root taking of grafts in cocoa Theobroma cacao, there are few scientific studies that demonstrate such effects.

The main objective of this study was to compare the effects of moon phases in the root taking of two types of grafts in cocoa. To do this we used a complete randomized design with bifactorial order, with three replays for each of the phases and a universe of Frontal lobe seizures tend to occur in clusters and may provoke a dangerous condition called status epilepticus — in which seizure activity lasts much longer than Two subsequent cases concern teen Se describen resultados con un tiempo de seguimiento entre 11 y 42 semanas.

One case concerns a boy presenting with an unsteady gait and titubation of the trunk, mimicking developmental disequilibrium and with complex partial. Los objetivos a considerar en el tratamiento de las recesiones son: AbstractGingival recession is defined as the location of gingival margin apical to the CEJ one or more teeth.

This deformity causes apical usually root sensitivity, poor appearance aesthetics and carious cervical lesions so that Patients may wonder procedures root coverage. There are two main groups causes of. Aneurismas y seudoaneurismas de injertos venosos coronarios Aneurysms and pseudo aneurysms from coronary venous grafts.

We report the case of a 61 years old male patient who had suffered an inferior wall myocardial infarction 14 years before. Coronary angiography showed severe two-vessel disease. Anastomosis of the left internal mammary artery to the mid third left anterior descendant artery and saphenous vein grafting to the distal third of the right coronary artery, were performed. In March he complains of anginous pain.

Chest X ray showed a right paracardiac mass. Coronary arteriography revealed an aneurysm of the venous bypass graft to the right coronary artery.

During the evolution, the patient presents massive hemoptysis, requiring. Existe una alta permeabilidad a medio-largo plazo de injertos arteriales compuestos. Los animales fueron divididos en 6 grupos de 10 c El injerto en tomate Solanum licopersicum Mill.

Craniotomy Frontal Bone Defect. Defect reconstruction and fixation of the graft: