GB, optional) of the MEMORY HiCORDER makes it the best-equipped isolated digital . HIOKI has met these requests by providing the MEMORY. Thank you for purchasing the HIOKI ” MEMORY HiCORDER.” To obtain maximum performance from the product, please read this manual first, and keep it. HIOKI has met these requests by providing the MEMORY HiCORDER with isolated input for all channels, a sampling rate of up to 20 MS/s, digital.

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The is a differential probe used to measure high voltage with Hioki Memory HiCorders.

Measurement of potential differences included in common mode voltages, such as IGBT 2. Measurement of commercial power line waveforms, such as on V power lines 3. Measurement of high voltage surge noise waveforms 4.


Measurement of the RMS value of inverter outputs, etc.

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The Differential Probe cannot be used by itself. Please use it in combination with a Hioki Memory HiCorder. The Differential Probe requires a power supply. Log into your myHioki account to access more technical documents and information where available.


Power supply to the through this cord from the Probe power unit70 cm 2. Power supply to the through this cord from large type logic connector, 50 cm 1. Power supply to the through this cord from the MR, or Memory HiCorder ‘s input units, 15 cm 0. Factory-installed option – not user installable, built in on the bottom case.

Simultaneously power up to at least 5 units of Clamp on Probes to or Differential Probe Actual number depends on combination of probes. Basic specifications Accuracy guaranteed for 1 year Measurement functions DC mode: DC jack OD 5. Input 46 cm 1.


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