View and Download Gossen MetraWatt PROFISIX instruction manual online. hand-held exposure meter. PROFISIX Measuring Instruments pdf manual. You have an older device from GOSSEN? Here you can find the corresponding operating instructions for previous devices in the field of PROFISIX. Condition: Good The guide is in a good condition, edgewear, minor tear, and scratches on the cover. The inside leaves.

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Gossen Profisix -or- new light meter. Gossen profisix looks excellent with the scale for SBR. In the mean-time I have an interesting read about incident meters in BTZS book glssen measuring the scene brightness range. Now, I would like to get this meter but there are other concerns like the age, reliability and battery it takes.

Gossen Profisix / Lunasix F – – The free camera encyclopedia

How to you compare with lunasix in-terms of accuracy, the battery it takes and the serviceability in case something goes really wrong. The Profisix, known as the Luna Pro SBC in some countries, is an excellent meter with reflected and incident capabilities. It is eminently repairable, although in many cases replacement with another used one may be more cost-effective.

  EN 12390-8 PDF

It uses the extremely common 9 volt battery. Personally, I like the user interface of the older Luna Pro, where I can take the reading first, and then set the dial.

But that’s a matter of taste. It is super-reliable, and the most accurate meter that I own. It takes the 9v rectangular battery. Current prodisix is minimal. I use mine daily, and I think that I’ve had the same battery in the meter for 10 years now. Maybe not 10 years, but it has been so long that I can’t remember when it was last changed.

Gossen MetraWatt PROFISIX Instruction Manual

Definitely a few years though. I’ve used lots of meters over the years, but never had one I like so much as this one. JDMvWApr 24, So I bought the battery conversion kit. And while it seems to be right, it often won’t match my other meter. Interesting the comment above to this effect too.

I like and don’t like the size. It’s easy to read and use because it’S bigger.


MY other meters have smaller dials and my eyes It’S a bit clumsy becuase it’s comparatively big but nicely made! Can you direct me to profosix article?

I wonder how one can measure SBR with an incident meter. Yes, my presbyopic eyes like my Luna Pro. Smaller meters like the built-in one on my Canon 7s can be mighty hard to read.


Any of these chunky Gossen yossen take a lot of room in your pocket. But they fit your hand so gracefully, one-handed operation is a treat. Recalibration and conversion of LunaPro LunaSix meter to modern batteries: If you need more detailed explanation check that book ‘Beyond The Zone System’.


I have the latest version and it is really great device. It is basically a very reliable workhorse with really incredible sensitivity when it comes to low light scenes. Only negative is it’s size. Recently I have been taking the leather cover away as it seems to reduce the size enough to make it comfortable.

I wish there would be this device but in the same size as lrofisix smallest possible meters. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: