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In Tchaikovsky arranged this movement for cello and orchestra. The main theme of the Andante cantabile is based on a Russian folksong. In Extreme Make-over this theme is introduced in its original form by a brass quartet consisting of two cornets, alto horn and euphonium.


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The first metamorphosis emanates from a single tone, to which the two successive tones from the mkaeover are extremd in bell-like chords. The addition of the lower second results in a completely new sound world, completing the first metamorphosis. Anticipating the canonic theme from the finale, a timpani solo forms the transition to the Alla marcia. The following movement features a rather unconventional instrumental group: This group eventually provides the accompaniment for an extensive marimba solo, gradually producing a sort of gamelan effect.

This fragile movement is joined seamlessly to the finale, a canonic treatment of the theme. Hurtling through each instrumental group, it leads us to a festive conclusion. Johan de Meij Amsterdam, September English Horn F 1. Bb Clarinet Exgreme 6.

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Bb Clarinet II 6. Bb Clarinet III 1. Bb Bass Clarinet 2. Eb Alto Sax I 2. Eb Alto Sax II 2. Bb Tenor Sax 1. Eb Baritone Sax 2. F Horn I 2.


F Horn II 2. F Horn III 2. F Horn IV 2.

Bb Trumpet I 2. Bb Trumpet II 2.

Bb Trumpet III 2. Bb Trumpet IV 2. Trombone I C 2.

Extreme Make-Over (for Wind Orchestra)

Trombone II C 2. Bass Trombone C 2.

Additional Parts [for European countries only] 1. Eb Horn I 1. Eb Horn II 1.

Eb Horn III 1. Eb Horn IV 2. Bb Trombone I T.

Bb Trombone II T. Bass Bb Trombone T. Eb Bass Tuba T. Bb Bass Tuba B. Bb Bass Tuba T. AM Hal Leonard Instrumentation: Klezmer Classics Planet Earth Score: Demo score Extreme Make Over Ha. Your browser does not support the audio element. Johan de Meij Amsterdam, September Instrumentation 1. Percussion Additional Parts [for European countries only] 1.