¿Cuál era el vínculo entre el banquero y la guerrilla peronista? de David Graiver, el banquero de los Montoneros, Juan Gasparini, ex agente. El personaje es un banquero argentino de origen judío. Tenía 35 años. Poseía dos bancos en Argentina (Comercial de La Plata y Hurlingham). David Graiver ( — ) was an Argentine businessman and banker who was investigated in the s for alleged money laundering of US$17 million for the Montoneros, a leftist guerrilla group. . “David Graiver: El Banquero de los Montoneros”, Periodico Tribuna, Editorial Norma, ; ^ Jump up to: “Isidoro Graiver.

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This was the fourth-largest bank failure in United States history at the time, and Graiver’s banks in Argentina and elsewhere also failed.

banquerro A New York court declared Graiver officially dead on January 15,clearing the way for resolution of some outstanding financial issues. The family later settled in La Platawhere they developed a successful realty company.

montoneors He did not finish the program but, with his family’s support, purchased the Banco Comercial de La Plata in Graiver next married Bnaquero Papaleo, the daughter of a prominent Greek Argentine family. Graiver’s ownership of the Banco Comercial de La Plata allowed him to enter into a variety of business interests. He established the Fundar and Construir real estate development firms. Inhe announced plans to build Bristol Center, a Mar del Plata development projected to include over condominiums in three high-rises overlooking a convention center and entertainment complex.


Graiver was later reported to have secretly become the investment banker for the Montoneros leftist guerrilla group.

In Graiver’s younger brother Bqnquero was kidnapped for ransom. Following an attempt against him, Graiver fled to New York City in He rented an office in the Olympic Tower and administered his diverse interests from there.

¿Quién fue David Graiver?

It made large loans to Graiver-controlled businesses. He maintained a second home in Acapulco, Mexicoreportedly for tax evasion. Graiver was reported to have died on August montonros, in a plane crash nearby. Manhattan district attorney Robert Morgenthau was skeptical that Graiver died in the crash. The incident was never investigated by the Mexican government nor was the flight recorder ever found.

It was the fourth-largest bank failure in United States history at the time.

David Graiver, el banquero de los montoneros

Montoneroos banks in Argentina and elsewhere also failed. Following Graiver’s reported death, his widow Lidia Papaleo returned to Argentina on September 16 of that year, after the first bank failure. Bahquero appeals court later cleared the defendants of all charges. Papaleo and the other private partners negotiated the sale of their shares on November 2, with the three most important Argentine newspaper publishers at the time: Conarepa, the state entity formed to liquidate assets seized from political opponents, expropriated the uncompleted Bristol Center and other Graiver family properties in Argentina.


Periodico Tribuna de Periodistas

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David Graiver in David Graiver Buenos Aires. August 7, Chilpancingo, Mexico.