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Discussion in ‘ Turntables ‘ started by guitarman50Dec 8, Log in or Sign up. Dual cs Discussion 415–2 ‘ Turntables ‘ started by guitarman50Dec 8, I’ve been looking for an automatic turntable for my wife to play her LP’s.

Just wants to play her LP’s. It seems to be a nice table but I’d like to get the opinions of anyone who has one on this table?

41-2 Remember convenience will supercede sonics. Although to a point sound quality is a consideration as well. The Thorens TD is very similar – they both ddual come out of the same factory – but the Thorens looks a little less plasticy. Both even come with dua, same duxl. Neither one has much to do with what we old-timers remember of Dual or Thorens. Not that there’s anything wrong with that And your guess would be wrong! The midrange Thorens do indeed come from Pro-ject, but the cheaper come from here: Still made in the Black Forest, apparently.

From what I can see it seems like this dual turntable is exactly what I need for its purpose. Seems like decent entry level performance, very good quality construction and the auto features for my wife who will judge based on convenience of use as well as sound. Herr Fehrenbacher was the last factory director at the old Dual factory. He continued making this low end Dual model after Dual went under.

KentTeffeteller415-22 8, That’s not a good Dual anyway – and apart from a lack of adjustment capabilities it’s also got the disadvantage that its platter rotates around a fixed spindle. If you’d like a new full automatic table, I’d rather suggest to consider the Denon DPF instead, which is almost as good as a CS The Denon here is actually a better choice and cheaper to boot. Get the Denon instead. KentTeffetellerDec 9, You could try a Dualnice table, fully automatic, you see them on ebay dkal often.

I just had the Marantz TT in my hands which is the same table rebranded. The platter is a pie tin. The counter weight is fixed so no changing carts. FasterdamnitDec 9, Sorry, but that review is just about ce worthless as that one: Really, trust me on that one: Another problem is the external dc power supply design, ’cause it’s got zero proctection against reverse polarity, which Dual could have easily provided with a simple diode for probably less than 1 cent.

So, if the power supply gets lost and people replace it with a universal one and happen duall confuse the polarity on the first try, the motor electronics instantly becomes fried And then the high prices – which are completely silly, if one considers that the drive 415–2 models are based on was initially designed as a cheap commodity feature for integration in cheap tower systems of the late 80s.

Just too high prices for a quality level that’s just maginally better than what those cheap, plasic “toy class” like for example Audio Technica AT-PL50 or the Denon DPF 4152- for quite a bit less So I think the DPF is pretty much the best thing one could currently recommend to g50, if he insists on buying new. Whilst I agree about the over-rated reviews and the high asking prices to some degree I have to say that the CS I played with did have adjustable tracking weights and worked rather well with an Ortofon M20FL fitted.


Not the highest-fi granted, but it went 415–2 it’s job in a workmanlike manner and was good enough in most cases and certainly for uncritical listening.

Dual CS 415-2

I doubt I’d buy one new, but at 2nd hand prices and in good nick it sounds just what the OP asked for! Gary FrancksDec 11, I’ve never heard the Dual models for myself, but it sounds as if the OP is in a position to do so. The review I linked to may be shallow, but it indicates that at least ca person, who was able to listen to it extensively in a familiar system, found the CS ‘s sound to be fs good.

Neither I nor anyone else in this thread, at least from what I can gather 4115-2 the responses, has had a chance to actually audition the ‘table. As to specs, despite the Dual’s non-rotating spindle, it has half the rated wow and flutter of my DPF 0. The OP indicated that sound quality, while not unimportant, was less an issue than automated features which both have and a price of “3 bills” which the Dual provides.

The lack of an adjustable counterweight may limit cartridge choice, but it also simplifies setup and means there’s one less thing that can go out of adjustment. It’s not that I want to discount your input or that of others, but the Dual CS seems to have availability, the right price, and at least one positive review going for it. I’m hoping the OP buys it or at least gives dula an audition at the shop and reports back on what he hears; there’s very little information out there on this machine.

What little I’ve seen on other forums is from people who dul it used, with missing power supplies, worn belts, and other issues. In the US, the Thorens variant is cheaper. The middle of the line up Sual is Pro-ject made. KentTeffetellerDec 11, Seems like you gathered a not quite correct impression, ’cause I actually do know the and in real life, too – I just never bought one of these myself, ’cause why would I waste good money on turntable models that I deem overpriced and rather low quality? I do own a and a CSM, though.

The latter is still based on the small drive, but it’s got a heavier platter and a better arm – and the “M” indicates the version with the heavier, nicer looking plinth. And it still was fairly competitively priced, when I bought it around 7 years ago iirc, I paid a tad less than Euro shipping included – whereas I surely wouldn’t have bought it for what they charge for it now In an actual comparative ce measurement the CS managed only 0.

In case you’re not overly familiar with DIN specs: So, no worries, I’m not pulling vague suspicions out of thin air, I’m speaking of experience and can present measurement data from more trustworthy reviews to back up my opinion on these models Oh, and a reason for the lower priced offer to g50 might be that the CS will probably soon run out in favour of the new CS And duwl be a new CS, too. These were the only ones of the Dual-Schneider era CS4xx family models I used to recommend, until the prices went up rather steeply around late iirc.


Over in the US the prices unfortunately are even higher nowadays i. Unfortunately this also goes for the CS for, which one could regard as the last model with roots back to the classic Dual-Steidinger era – and which is still the best of the models Fehrenbacher continues to produce, even though some versions of the CSM nowadays are priced higher You know, problem is that even those plastic toy class tables I mentioned above aren’t that bad and before you ask: No, I haven’t got one of those myself, either – but my parents have one Sony version of these and a friend 415–2 mine has got another Sony version Pretty much the same goes for the andjust that these Duals have a less plasticky appearance, but unfortunately also a much higher price.

So I was hardly surprised to find these actually sounding pretty simiar. Well, and as for that TD review: Oh my, another one of “these” reviews – from a reviewer that needs a couple of hours to set up a table with an already pre-installed cartridge.

And of course he also won’t mention the model designation of his “old, capable” Kenwood table, so that his comparison reference remains 415- Whereas I can’t really comment on using that Thorens for 78 rpm use, ’cause I’ve got no personal experience with 78 rpm records.

However, I thought the fans of these would rather prefer a table with pitch control for the purpose and possibly also a phono cx with slightly different equalisation curves to choose from.

It that’s the case, then I wouldn’t expect the Thorens to be really ideal.

That’s why Daul results can be extremely low in comparison. And yes, I also have 0. At least from about the mids on, 0. Thorens TD I had a few records that I just had to play again — and maybe rip. Needed a turntable to restart analog playback after 15 years and loosing my original vintage turntable in a divorce. I remembered that I am very sensitive to wow and rumble use a subwoofer so getting something halfway duzl was important. Trying to use a 2.

Dual cs 415-2

This setting was hard for me to be sure of with the coarse markings for tracking force and anti-skate. Need to verify – hope I can find my old gauge. I then played four more Cz. Very pleased with the OMB 10 cartridge and the low wow and rumble from the turntable.

The speed seems to be right on but I will get around to checking it with rual strobe disc. From the bottom it looks like the motor has access holes to adjust the speed settings H and L labeled The center spindle is fixed.

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