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How can a person prove they’re a French citizen if they haven’t been in France since childhood? My apologies in advance, but I’m not familiar with the French language. I wont insult you by posting a question run through a translation page and assume it would come through coherently.

I have found myself involved in the problem of a friend Honestly it’s not mehe discovered that his mother was born in France inher family came to the US in Her family life was turmoil so she ran away from home and lived on her own, mostly in the streets, passing herself off as American.

She got herself straightened out but she never became a US citizen and I suspect that she might have done a few unethical things to maintain her identity. She’s now in her 40s and has kids of her own, but she’s worried that sooner or later that she may be caught and deported.

She seems to be concerned about having to answer for the things she did to keep her identity 140011 so she may have to spend time in Jail. She’s considered going back to France to reclaim her citizenship, but she has no documentation proving who she really is.

The only people who could have identified her are her parents and they’ve passed away years ago.

Guadeloupe – Replace National Identity Card (Minor)

Is there anything the French government might have that would identify her? Did the French fingerprint children for identification at all? This is left to the reader as an exercise in the US. In France there is a procedure for that, but it won’t probably be applicable oustide of France.

The second is proving citizenship. If she was born in France from at least one of her parents born in France, she automatically has the French citizenship, no questions asked. Just ask for a birth certificate from the town of birth, and if whatever US ID she possess can link to this person, she will be able to obtain a french passport. Except that the birth certificate will be hard to obtain if she has no way to prove it’s her.


Honestly she needs to search if she has distant cousins or family, or whatever she can find from her dead parents to find proof of identity before she can do anything to reclaim citizenship. But Cwrfa law edict the possibilities to acquire French nationality is to be born in France.

A certificate of French nationality cwrfa but it is not simple to obtain, your friend’s mother will have to ask to the bailiff Chef Greffier of the tribunal of cerrfa birthplace. Also, crrfa website of the French minister of foreign affairs advice to contact the nearest French consulate, which is not a bad idea. If she find this paper it’s good. Does she know where she is born? To prove her identity, she will need to get a birth 114011 from the city where she was born.

If she was born 1011 she needs to ask at the Foreign Affairs ministry civil roll in Nantes. Her birth certificate should be enough to prove her nationality she was born cefa France and one of her parent was too. She can then get a National ID card at a French consulate, then a French passport she can actually apply for this one at the same time, since it requires about the same paperwork.

That’s good news, but the problem we face is she has no proof but her own claim of her identity. She could be claiming to be Joan of Arc, but she’s got no ID. If she went to the city where she was born and asked for her birth certificate, how can she prove it’s hers? Would to be acceptable to say “I’m this person, can I have my birth certificate,” or would they require more proof?

Nobody has any proof of their identity hence identity fraud is common. There is no link between a person in body and flesh, and the documentation stating the ID of that person for everyone it starts with a birth certificate, which has no factual link to a person.

The only thing she needs, is to KNOW her own name, where she was born, which date, and then ask to the mairie of the place she was born a “copie integrale de l’acte de naissance”. Further info is asked if she does this online most city halls do that nowlike the full name of the father, of the mother ie in order to identify she is who says she is. For example, if she was born in Lyon: She will then receive her “copie integrale de l’acte de naissance” which prove that Miss X, was born there from this father and that mother.


If she was born in France, and one of her parent was too, then she is automatically French. This act is needed when one makes a passport cedfa for countless other procedures. Cityhalls dish them out by the thousands unlike in the US, the original act is kept by cityhalls.

France – Replace Your National Identity Card In Case of Loss (Adult)

All what citizens get is a copy. Once she has this, verfa makes an appointment at the French consulate responsible for where she lives which can be far depending where she lives in the USand say that she doesn’t have her papers any longer and she wants a French passport and national ID card if she wants.

Since she’s in the US, I suspect the consulate will stamp it ie makes it official. If the consulate ever asks her why she isn’t registered in the list optional for French residents abroad or how she hasn’t got a passport while living in the US, she just needs to say she is ALSO a US citizen.

The consulate won’t give a shit: French citizenship is a right she cannot be deprived of. It is not their problem to know how she can legally stay in the US or not. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post.

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France – Replace Your National Identity Card In Case of Loss (Adult)

Unfortunately, French government don’t take the fingerprints of children. Good luck to her and keep us up-to-date! She never lost it. The only thing she therefore needs to do is to ask a birth certificate a full one.