Slide 13 of 29 of Catalogo bujias ngk. 0 5 25 75 95 0 5 25 75 95 0 5 25 75 95 Capa_Argentina_ terça-feira, 26 de outubro de . Slide 4 of 29 of Catalogo bujias ngk. 0 5 25 75 95 0 5 25 75 95 Capa_Argentina_ terça-feira, 26 de outubro de Title: Catálogo Master NGK , Author: Motocicletas y Equipos, Name: Catálogo Master NGK Material técnico de Bujías, cables para bujías y capuchones.

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NGK Catalogo de Velas. Post on Dec 2. Metal shellThe coil will be damaged if current flows continuously.

Metal shell Heating and resistance elementThe coil will not be damaged if current flows continuouslySheath shellImproved durability. Type Rapid Glow Type Q.

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Therefore, the current flowing through the coil is constant. Therefore when the coil is cold its resistance is low, allowing higher currents to flow which results in more rapid warm up. TYPEThe resistance characteristic of the heating coil is similar to that of the rapid glow type. However, the total resistance value is lower which allows higher current to flow and therefore the warm up time is very quick. Once the glow plug tip temperature has reached C, its temperature is maintained by the controller relay switching the current on and off.


NGK Catalogo de Velas – [PDF Document]

If the voltage or battery capacity is too low, the glow plug will not get hot enough and the vehicle may fail to start. If the voltage is too high the heating coil may melt or the glow plugs service life will be reduced. The pre-heating time for sheathed glow plugs is 20 seconds for standard types, 13 – 17 seconds for rapid glow plug types and 6 seconds for QGS types.

For coil glow plugs it is 30 seconds. In case of starting difficulties, do not allow current to flow continuously.

NGK Catalogo de Velas

This will drain the battery and reduce the service life of the glow plug. It is better to turn the glow plugs off for a short while and then try again.

The heating coil is brokenResistance value less than 5: Sheathed, with double insulators 2: Fast heating type T: R and Tube material Modification. Self control type Z: QGS type double insulators Serial no.


First check the glow signal glow indicator on the instrument panel. If any sheathed plug is broken, the indicator will take a long time to glow.

Ngk Catalogo Motos 14 15

If there is a short-circuit, the indicator will glow quickly buijas will burn. If uncertain, remove the glow plug for visual checking, measure its resistance with a tester, or apply the rated voltage indicated on its hexagon to check for heating.

Don’t apply battery 12V or 24V directly a Heating Element Breakage infinite Resistance or Non Heating Bujas replacing, check to see if the glow plug was wired properly. Also check with a tester to see if excess voltage has been applied to each glow plug.

Possibly, better to check engine especially for fuel injection timing. K LE, LB type: Tapered seat type 14 x