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This study aims for a comparative analysis on fatalog economic efficiency of the Arin Penssion located in a rural area and the Casa Verde Penssion from the urban area. Payne Sarah,Tourism in the Dominican Republic: Frequent use of mentioned terms very often leads to doubts among farmers and entrepreneurs in rural tourism which term is correct. Such groups can be relatively easy to target and communicate with but have particular quality requirements in handling and guiding.

The duration of this phase is no more than 6 months after the completion of the second stage. All payments mijlosce to the start-up and operation of newly created enterprises must be made within the first 12 months of operation.

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Persons who are part of the project team, associates or employees of the beneficiary or its project partners may not be employees or associates within the companies set up by the project. The more accurate estimate of the volume of these entertainment activities is becoming a phenomenon relevant ccatalog the distortion of the services in the tourist packages.

In addition, the farm holidays are obliged to pay the tax on the consumption of beverages: In the case of the assets acquired, the financial aid will be granted only if they exist at the site of the project implementation and, as the case may be, are put into operation, in compliance with the applicable technical mijloaace. Remote areas with appeal based cataloog wildlife and wilderness, with particular issues of accessibility, transport, local services, environmental protection and developing ecotourism opportunities.


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However, it should be appreciated the rule not a copy the traditional architecture, but also to study the architectural rules of the past and draw lessons from them that will be used in the construction of new buildings. This accessibility translates into two dimensions — the scoring grid that consists of only four 4 criteria and the business plan including financial forecasts that is easier to draw up.

In package with tourism services the product can be sold more expensive, because it gives consumers the attractiveness of the environment and area village, its surroundings, nature, socializing with the animals, activities on the farm holidays and in the area, etc. The Bibiliography of Rural Tourism for the OECD reveals that farm tourism is the largest single special category of rural tourism in terms of published works.

Alvin Toefler had correctly anticipated the future when he said that people no longer invest in other people, be it money, or feelings, but they rather invest their own income into disposable items, usable only once, but they especially invest time, i.

Typically, rural populations have aged and become fewer in total. Moldova, Bucovina 20,2 20,6 17,7 20,7 2.

Introduction Interest in engaging on rural tourism in Croatia is increasing due to the many possibilities. In Romania, a volume of 10 euros per capita FDI in tourism, and external inputs from the foreign tourists of nijloace per capita on average in the last five years, so a multiplier of 20 for each euro invested in tourism by foreign investors 20 euros are madethe reality, and even the trends, are still far from profitability.

Animal breeding and selection must be the owner choice and in the function of agricultural production on the farm holidays.

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USD prices comparable and as a share of gross fixed capital formation in Romania, in Europe and in the world economy Chart no. When it was defined where the guests are, i.

This Subway Takes Bitcoins,” 18 Novemberhttps: Tratat de economia agriculturii. Therefore, when designing the idea is very important to answer the following questions: Considering that, every project is welcome, mjiloace each farm holidays which has services and products based on quality and authenticity, individual approach and creativity can expect a good positioning in the market.


It is also possible to target those with a declared interest in gastronomy, local heritage and other rural themes. As strategies intended to attract and orientation of new FDI, the main solutions are related to datalog favourable legal framework, accelerating bureaucratic processes, reducing country risk, and improving ratings, etc.

The maximum amount of the grant can not exceed the amount ccataloglei per beneficiary. A major section describes the new trends in international tourism, typical of this decade, and of our market economy, and in the final section, some conclusions concerning a different kind of long-awaited tourism potential close the change-oriented argument.

A continuous request for development of tourism just to use the entire possible potential, especially in rural areas, it is not to be desired as mjjloace as it is not evaluated from the perspective of its undesired influence on the region and on the community [Payne, ].

Thus, tourism development and its transformation into a major phenomenon with profound economic, social, cultural ctaalog, led to the establishment and strengthening tourism market.

In response, rural service provision has diminished: Material and method This study on the economic efficiency of a Penssion from the urban environment on one side and of one from the rural environment on the other side, by the activity these develop, are based on the technical- economical processing of the existing data, by using specific analysis methods [4]. In addition to accommodation services, nutrition catering service is the most important basic service provided at farm holidays.

In fact, the construction of theme parks in rural environments, second homes Gartner,timeshare, conference centers, holiday villages have all contributed to the insatiable tourism appetite for rural environments.

Tourism as factor of development in rural areas Local, fide and national authorities recognize the capacity of tourism, and mainly the rural tourism, to use efficiently use natural and anthropic local resources in the benefit of the region.