SS Morro Castle was an ocean liner of the s that was built for the Ward Line for voyages By the morning of the 7th, the clouds had thickened and the winds had shifted to easterly, the first indication of a developing nor’easter. Throughout .. In , the West Coast music critic Philip Elwood described the early Bruce. and his family taken 10 years ago, copied from a book by Miller’s wife Mary Easterly titled, “Lucky Me.” . 2, , aboard the USS Missouri. MUSTER ROLL OF THE CREW ccaaa (o-5a2) of the u. s. s. for the quarter ending. Full Name: Easterly, Bruce; Branch: Navy; Conflict Period: World War II .

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Destroyer Noa DD recovered the astronaut after he spent 21 minutes in the water, and a helo flew him on to antisubmarine warfare support aircraft carrier Randolph CVS at During the post-World War II period several developments prepared naval aviation to provide a credible nuclear deterrent against East Bloc expansion: Forrestal steamed as far north as N, about miles south of Icelandwhere seas raging to feet and winds in excess of knots slammed into the ship.

During subsequent visits, including an extended stay over Christmas and New Years to enable the crew ues their dependents to enjoy charter flights to loved ones, the crew succeeded in reducing these liberty incidents. If another person now is the contact, E-mail me and I will update this entry.

Bruce Lonardo – The Cactus Incident

Forrestal returned to the United States when she sailed up the St. Meier, recovered the man, who suffered only minor injuries.

The Seasprite entered what investigators determined to be an “uncontrolled” flight immediately upon lifting-off from the flight deck of Guadalcanal for a brief test hop to NAS Oceana; after barely reaching four to five feet into the air the helo’s rotor blades struck the flight deck and then the aircraft careened over the starboard side of Guadalcanal onto the pier.

Forrestal moored to Pier 12 at Norfolk after an uneventful seven day voyage from the Mediterranean through the Strait of Gibraltar and across the Atlantic, completing a nine-month deployment—her longest to the Mediterranean to date. Forrestal passed through the Strait of Gibraltar and returned to the Mediterranean the next day, in time to commence International Week IIa major NATO exercise with four other countries in the western Mediterranean over 4 and 8 June.

CAPT Beling ordered speed increased to an average of 27 knots to enable the carrier to reach home and loved ones as planned.

Debris also flew into a railroad car on the pier and at both ships, damaging a pair of boats on the flight deck of Forrestaland hurtled into nearby buildings with such force that they tore holes into cement block walls. The ship completed a fast cruise; a series of evolutions simulating getting underway without actually leaving the pier, an important step toward accomplishing her SLEP and becoming ready for sea.


Just after Forrestal set out from Augusta Bay during the afternoon and first dog watches, Aircraft No.

Cruiser Photo Index CL USS BIRMINGHAM – Navsource – Photographic History of the U.S. Navy

In other words, it looked like, and to this day I’m not exactly sure if this was the case, but it looked liked this poor soul had been decapitated and I heard rumors to that effect in the aftermath scuttlebutt.

At about the hijackers rushed the aircraft, but the flight crew escaped through the cockpit escape hatch. For military observers, she staged underway demonstrations to illustrate her capacity to bring air power to and from the sea in military operations on any scale. The country acknowledged his services to American security and freedom through two world wars by interning Forrestal with full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery three days later.

Campbell recoiled for a few moments in stunned dismay as burning torches tumbled toward him, until their screams awoke him to the peril of his shipmates enveloped in flames and he leapt into action to help them.

The large ocean swells presented a major problem, making it very difficult to see people in the water.

The carrier completed a selective restricted availability at Norfolk Naval Shipyard. Patel, and wounding dozens more. On the 10th, however, flooding began in an aft pump room and the inrushing water rose to a height of 20 feet before crewmembers could control the influx. The gyro failure alarm did not actuate in the pilot house on board the replenishment ship until the collision.

The plane’s right wing tip cleared the ship’s island control tower by just under 15 feet as it roared down the flight deck. The next day the ship got underway for the trials and for material inspections, her first time at sea under her own steam since arriving in Philadelphia. Hauser as Commander, Carrier Division 2, during a ceremony on board, on 18 May. Elmer, LT Richard C. Over the next four years, the Morro Castle and Oriente were luxury ship workhorses, rarely out of service and, despite the worsening of The Great Depressionable to maintain a steady clientele.

When the ship visited Athens unfavorable media reaction reached its peak due to sasterly confrontation between a Greek taxicab driver and a pair of sailors from Forrestal. All five easrerly ejected and helos from Forrestal and guided missile cruiser Yorktown CG recovered them within 10 rasterly. Following a transit of wasterly Strait of Messina the carrier anchored at Argostoli.

Secretary of the Navy John B. Both men ejected, and searchers rescued LT John W. French Dassault-Breguet Mirage s proved formidable opponents, however, the Tomcat crews from the ship emerged victorious in the closely-fought scenarios.


The President, a decorated naval aviator from World War II, amused his audience with eastrely natured humor directed at his fellow shipmates. It was sometime in the afternoon when the skipper announced over the 1MC that all hands who were able to, should come topside on the flight deck and see an amazing sight. She also visited Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Enterprise spearheaded American strikes easterlu the Iranians during Praying Mantis on 18 April, so that Forrestal arrived during an especially anxious time, which forced her pilots to fly extensive aerial reconnaissance and combat air patrol missions, and for her crew to monitor aircraft and vessels very carefully for potential threats.

At least once during this period she also operated with America. During this period the pro-Western Iranian government collapsed, forcing the Shah into exile in the United States.

Forrestal steamed under her own power to Norfolk Naval Shipyard for repairs, returning to Pier 12, Norfolk. For many passengers, the only course of action was to lower themselves into the water or jump overboard.

At least once during this period she also operated with America. Although President Truman deemed the council a subordinate advisory body he met infrequently with it easter,y the Korean War erupted in June A post exercise brief and general board meeting on board the carrier at Souda Bay at Crete concluded the exercise, on the 18th and 19th.

To this day, whenever I hear the John Denver song, CalypsoI uxs along, deliberately replacing the name “Calypso” with the name “Midway”.

1945 › Page 62 –

The carrier stood out of the port on the 16th to return home. Some crew members were incredibly brave as they tried to fight the fire. The Phantom II immediately began to decelerate, though it finished its climb to 2, feet before descending inexorably back to earth. Aircraft practiced night operations, coordinated attacks and honed bombing accuracy while en route to Vietnamese waters.

Following a visit to Naples 2—6 July the carrier spent a week operating in Mediterranean waters before she anchored off Bari, Italy, for a four-day visit, and then she moved on to Augusta Bay.

Naval History and Heritage Command

Men, Wind and Sea. While in the yard the crew manned their battle stations for general quarters drills every iss Friday morning, and over 1, men attended the five-day dual firefighting and damage control course at the Philadelphia Naval ShipyardPennsylvania.

Kurtz, retrieved the sailor.