When he lands in Harare North, our unnamed protagonist carries nothing but a cardboard suitcase full of memories and an email address for his childhood. Brian Chikwava’s novel Harare North ( London: Jonathan Cape) is founded on two related linguistic oxymora. First, while it narrates shocking events that. Brian Chikwava’s novel Harare North ( London: Jonathan Cape) is founded on two related linguistic oxymora. First, while it narrates.

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For those who have not heard the name- Brian Chikwava — is the author of Harare North. Brian has developed a narrative style uniquely his own, his use hqrare language is elegantly provincial, reflective of the sub cultural disposition of his characters. C I never decided.

It just seemed to happen.

What was your motivation for writing Harare North? C My literary agent. He was clearly not going to hang around for short stories. In Harare North what made you decide to leave the protagonist unnamed? Omitting a name immediately raises a question that must be answered by the reader, and the act of reading yields a richer experience when the reader is actively engaged with interpretational possibilities, I think.


C Each story has its own style and language. In this case there was no other language that seemed to suit the narrator better.

Interview with Brian Chikwava on his novel ‘Harare North’

Would you agree with me in saying that the language to some extent had a bearing on character development, that there is a strong correlation between language and character development? C Yes, to an extent.

He could, for chikwwava, have been using the same lingo but had he even been slightly pliable or capable of being reformed then that would have had a knock on effect on the dramas around him. Are you in the process of writing something or thinking of writing something if so can you please share a bit of it with us?

C Yes, I am working on something. I will not talk about it a lot in case I jinx it! C Mostly at home, if filling up a blank screen, rewriting seems nicer elsewhere, at the library or some quiet cafe?


Harare North – Wikipedia

Harare North is a quintessential subaltern tale of frustrated hopes and broken dreams- a revolving fate. Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Previous Post Previous Bite-size Review: Harare North Brian Chikwava.