The Instructor’s Manual, available for download by clicking on the links on the left, contains chapter summaries that are useful in-class guides. It also contains. Simple Logic is a comprehensive introduction to logic. It introduces students to informal logic, concerned with language, communication, and fallacies; formal. Simple Logic has 3 ratings and 0 reviews. Written by an accomplished teacher, scholar, and writer, Simple Logic is unique in its sensitivity to.

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Written by an accomplished teacher, scholar, and writer, Simple Logic is unique in its sensitivity to today’s student audience; it provides philosophical writing samples that are interesting and relevant to students’ lives. Daniel Bonevac’s clear writing style and careful presentation help students to easily understand key concepts, terms, and examples. He features a multitude of stimulating examples drawn from literary texts and contemporary culture, from figures as varied as Voltaire, Confucius, and Bart Simpson.

Simple Logic succeeds in conveying the standard topics in introductory logic with easy-to-understand explanations of rules and methods, while concentrating the discussion on fundamental topics taught by the majority of logic instructors.


Logic and Language Chapter 1: Premises and Conclusions 1. Validity and Strength 1. Implication and Equivalence 1.

Simple Logic by Daniel Bonevac (1998, Hardcover)

Form and Invalidity Chapter 2: Reason and Emotion 2. Goals of Definition 2. Means of Definition 2. Criteria for Definitions Chapter 3: Fallacies of Evidence 3. Fallacies of Clarity Part II: Aristotelian Logic Chapter 4: Kinds of Categorical Proposition 4. Categorical Propositions in Natural Language 4. Diagramming Categorical Sinple 4. The Aristotelian Square of Opposition 4.

The Modern Square of Opposition Chapter 5: Rules for Validity 5.

Simple Logic by Daniel A. Bonevac

Symbolic Loguc Chapter 6: A Symbolic Language 6. Logical Properties of Statements 6. Truth Tables for Statements 6. Truth Tables for Symbolic Arguments Chapter 7: Negation, Conjunction, and Disjunction 7.

The Conditional and Biconditional 7. Other Applications Chapter 8: Rules and Proofs 8. Rules of Implication I: Conjunctions and Conditionals 8. Rules of Implication II: Indirect Proofs Chapter 9: Categorical Statement Forms 9.

Simple Logic – Daniel Bonevac – Oxford University Press

Universal Generalization Part IV: Generalizations and Analogies simpel Kinds of Causes Agreement and Difference Residues and Concomitant Variation Chapter Generalizations and Laws The Hypothetico-Deductive Method Confirmation and Auxiliary Assumptions Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide.


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Simple Logic

Simple Logic Daniel Bonevac. Space, Time, and Stuff Frank Arntzenius. Dauben, and George J. Composition as Identity Aaron J. Cotnoir and Donald L.

The Mathematical World of Charles L. The Logical Must Penelope Maddy. Bayes’s Theorem Richard Swinburne. Reasons as Defaults John F.