1. 94 BFR92A Marking: +P2. Plastic case (SOT 23). 1 = Collector, 2 = Base, 3 = Emitter. 13 2. 3. 1. BFR92AR Marking: +P5. DS Rev. B 1 of 5. BFR92A. BFR92A. NPN WIDEBAND TRANSISTOR. Features. ·. RF Wideband Amplifier/Oscillator. ·. 5GHz Transition Frequency. BFR92A Datasheet, BFR92A NPN 5GHz Wideband Transistor Datasheet, buy BFR92A Transistor.

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NPN 5 GHz wideband transistor.

Supersedes data of September File under discrete semiconductors, SC NPN wideband transistor in a plastic. RF wideband amplifiers and.

BFR92A Datasheet pdf – NPN WIDEBAND TRANSISTOR – Diodes

C; note 1; see Fig. T s is the temperature at the soldering point of the collector pin. C unless otherwise specified. DC current gain as a function of collector.

Collector capacitance as a function of.

Transition frequency as a function of. Gain as a function of collector adtasheet. Gain as a function of frequency. Plastic surface mounted package; 3 leads. This data sheet contains target or goal specifications for product development. This data sheet contains preliminary data; supplementary data may be published later.


This data sheet contains final product specifications. The data in this specification is extracted from a full data sheet with the same type.

(PDF) BFR92A Datasheet download

For detailed information see the relevant data sheet or data handbook. Stress above one or. These are stress ratings only and operation. Exposure to limiting values for extended periods may affect device reliability. Where application information is given, it is advisory and does not form part of the specification.

These products are not designed for use in life support appliances, devices, or systems where malfunction of these. Philips customers using or selling these products for. Hotel Minsk Business Center, Bld.

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Rua do Rocio5th floor, Suite 51. AllmendstrasseDatashet Z? Philips Semiconductors, 6F, No. For all other countries apply to: All rights are reserved.

Reproduction in whole or in part is prohibited without the prior written consent of the copyright owner. The information presented in this document does not form part of any quotation or contract, is believed to be accurate and reliable and may be changed.


BFR92A, NXP Transistors|RFMW

No liability will be accepted by the publisher for any consequence of its use. Publication thereof does not convey nor imply any license.

Printed in The Netherlands.