ARCANUM DIVINAE SAPIENTIAE Encyclical of Pope Leo XIII, published in , on the sacrament of matrimony. Its main thesis is that the marriage contract. Arcanum Divinae has 8 ratings and 0 reviews. In this classic piece His Holiness Pope Leo XIII shares on Christian Marriage. Arcanum (also known as Arcanum Divinae) is an encyclical issued 10 February by Pope Leo XIII on the topic of Christian marriage. It was considered the.

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Arcanum Divinae (Christian Marriage)

His education was interrupted by bouts of illness. If Jewish sources transformed our politics, did it not transform our culture as well? It occurs only in remote communities, polyandry is believed to be more likely in societies with scarce environmental resources, as it is believed to limit human population growth and enhance dvinae survival 8.

Marriage also can do much for the good eivinae families, for, so long as it is conformable to nature and in accordance with the counsels of God, it has power to strengthen union of heart in the parents; to secure the holy education of children; to temper the authority of the father by the example of the divine authority; to render children arcwnum to their parents and servants obedient to their masters.

Justin Martyr on the Natural Law 2 St. It is of the greatest consequence to husband and wife that all these things should be known and well understood by them, in order that they may conform to the laws of the State, if there be no objection on the part of the Church; for the Church wishes the effects of marriage to be guarded in all possible ways, and that no harm may come to the children.

Augustine of Hippo on the Natural Law 4 St. Gregory the Great c — who diviane medieval themes in the Church, in a painting by Carlo Saracenic. There is no nation in the East that, in its laws, pays the Lord’s teachings on marriage any heed, although they may, in some respects pay greater respect to the natural law on marriage than the West.


The liberalization of laws is not without opposition, particularly in the United States. The woman, because she is flesh of his flesh, and bone of his bone, must be arcxnum to her husband and obey him; not, indeed, as a servant, but as a companion, so that her obedience shall be wanting in neither honor nor dignity. Alphonsus Liguori 1 St. Christ instituted His Church to continue His mission divinze men. Blame that culture, not traditional Western Culture.

Lex Christianorum: Natural Law of Marriage: Arcanum divinae sapientia

Divorce — Divorce should not be confused with annulment, which declares the marriage null and void, with legal separation or de jure separation or with de facto separation.

It is written with the intention of addressing the secular state’s arrogation of rights over marriage. Montini on the day of his ordination in It is this fundamental liberal and secular proposition–that man and his political institutions have authority over marriage, i. In his famous encyclical Rerum novarum, Pope Leo outlined the rights of workers to a wage, safe working conditions. Gregory the Great 1 St. Augustine on Virtue 1 St. The question of human procreation, exceeds in the view of Paul VI specific disciplines such as biology, psychology, demography or sociology.

Having laid down this principle, the Encyclical deals with Christian marriage which sanctifies the family, i. Hence are owing civil marriages, commonly so called; ‘hence laws are framed which impose impediments to marriage; hence arise judicial sentences affecting the marriage contract, as to whether or not it have been rightly made.

Arcanum (On Christian Marriage)

John the Apostle on the Eternal Law 1 St. I’m reading Nelson’s work right now. You will at once see, venerable brothers, that the doctrine and precepts in relation to Christian marriage, dviinae We have thought good to communicate to you in this letter, tend no less to the preservation of civil society than to the everlasting salvation of souls.


For whenever at any time divorce was introduced, the abundance of misery that followed far exceeded all that the framers of the law could have foreseen. Thomas in a Nutshell, Part 2 Natura Pura: They constitute a union of the couple with a loving God. Nevertheless, the naturalists, 32 as well as all who profess that they worship above all things the divinity of the State, and strive to disturb whole communities with such wicked doctrines, cannot escape the charge of delusion.

Pope Paul VI Latin: Pope Gregory XVI appointed Pecci on 14 Februaryas personal prelate even before he was ordained priest on 31 Decemberby the Vicar of Rome and he celebrated his first mass together with his priest brother Giuseppe.

For God, the Maker of all things, well knowing what was good for the institution and preservation of each of His creatures, so ordered them by His will and mind that each might adequately attain the end for which it was made. In addition, he approved two new Marian scapulars and was the first pope to fully embrace the concept of Mary as Mediatrix and he was the first pope to never have held any control over the Papal States, after they had been dissolved by He uses the term “Modern West”.

Countries that have relatively recently legalized divorce are Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Spain, Argentina, Paraguay, Colombia, Andorra, Ireland, Chile, grounds for divorce vary widely from country to country. In the West, the discrepancy between the natural law of marriage and the positive law is the result of the secular State’s intentional rejection of the public role of Christ the reign of Christ the King and the jurisdiction of the Church over those areas of her competence and then later an intentional rejection of any notion of natural law.