Defenition for alveoplasty. Alveoplasty is a surgical procedure used to smoothen out jawbone. This is done in areas where teeth have been removed or where. Alveoplasty is the process of surgically re-contouring and modifying the jawbone The procedure can also be performed alone, without any preceding tooth. After Alveoplasty (Bone Trimming). After having this procedure you should keep gauze in your mouth for 2 hours with good pressure. Then remove the gauze.

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A Certified Ambulatory Surgery Center. After Alveoplasty Bone Trimming After having this procedure you should keep gauze in your mouth for 2 procecure with good pressure.

When Is An Alveoloplasty Procedure Necessary? – AZ Dentist

Then remove the gauze and check for bleeding. If the bleeding persists, place fresh gauze over the area with plenty of pressure for 1 hour. You may repeat this for 1 more hour if needed. Do NOT replace the gauze unless there is active bleeding.

Once the bleeding has stopped you may resume eating and drinking. Make sure your food is not too hot, cold, spicy or crunchy as these may cause you discomfort or delay healing time. Try not to chew directly over the surgical site for a couple of weeks.



It is very important to drink plenty of fluids. Try to avoid fluids with caffeine as these may dehydrate you. No spitting, alveolopalsty through a straw, or smoking for 48 hours.

Rinse times a day, after you eat and before you go to bed at night for the next several weeks, or until the surgical area has healed completely. Take prescribed pain medication as directed. Take as directed on the bottle. Ice the area for 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off for 72 hours. If you have dissolvable sutures, they can take up to weeks to dissolve.

Try not to pick or prod at them as you might irritate the surgical site. If you do not have dissolvable sutures, you will be given a follow up appointment to come back and we will remove them for you at that time.

Alveoloplasty in Conjunction With Extractions

This is a normal part of surgery and the healing process. Patients who received general anesthesia should return home from our office immediately upon discharge and lie down with the head elevated until all the effects of the anesthesia have disappeared. Anesthesia effects vary by individual, and you may feel drowsy for a short period of time or for several hours.


You should not operate any mechanical equipment or drive a motor vehicle for at least 24 hours or longer if you feel any residual effects from the anesthesia.

Do not use appliances or equipment that could be dangerous such as power tools, stoves, burners or lawn mowers.

Watch out for dizziness. Walk slowly and take your time.

Sudden changes of position can also cause nausea or dizziness. Do not drink any alcoholic beverages. The drugs in your body may cause your reaction to alcohol to be dangerous.